Music Video Recreation Task

For this task, I decided to recreate the music video for The Smith’s “This Charming Man”. There are some obvious issues with this music video; for example, the location is blatantly a kitchen and the editing of the lip syncing is poor.

I have learnt a lot from recreating this music video, which will benefit me when creating my own

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 15.11.37.png

smiths remake from Matt Eaton on Vimeo.



DigiPak Draft 2

For this draft, I decided to make the overall theme lighter, because even though I found 2 examples of alternative/punk digipaks with dark colour schemes, the track I am using for my music video delves more into the realm of Pop Punk. Keeping the last draft in mind I kept the majority of it dark but spruced it up.


To create this DigiPak, I used Adobe Photoshop. Starting with a base photo, I cropped the head off a different photo where the face was blurred and overlayed it over the top of the original photo. Next, I coloured in the shrubbery in the background and the sparkler with their respective colours and reduced the opacity of them to make it give off more of a glow, and make them seem more vibrant. Finally, I added a border, which through extended digipak research, I found that many artists of the genre (Modern Baseball, Vampire Weekend, My Chemical Romance) use borders on their covers.

I have decided to intentionally leave the band name and album name off, and instead put them on the spine of the pack, as I feel it gives the album a minimalistic look.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 15.00.29.png                       Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 14.57.28.png

I believe I will use this photoshoot and technique for my final digipak, but tweak this photo in a third draft.

DigiPak Draft 1

For this draft, I looked at my research that I did of digipaks of the alternative genre. The most inspiring ones for this draft were The 1975’s self-titled record and Brand New’s “Daisy”. They are both dark with the overwhelming lack of much colour.

download.jpg                                                                                            download-1.jpgDIGI2.jpg

To create this, I used Adobe Photoshop. I cropped the photo so it only showed a close up of my model’s face and hands. Next, I added the text in a bold font reading “NEVER FORGET THE NIGHT”, and turned the opacity down to 75%. Finally, I added a band name in the lower left corner of the cover and reduced its opacity.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 14.38.12.png